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Aodah Diamah – Pendidikan Teknik Elektronika

Dr. Inf. Sc. Aodah Diamah, M.Eng


NIDN : 0019097802

ID SINTA : 6008417

ID SCOPUS : 55443423700

ORCID : 0000-0002-8380-5589



Aodah Diamah graduated from
Universitas Indonesia with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. She was
awarded a scholarship from the Australian Government (Australian Development
Scholarship) to study her master degree in electrical and computer science
engineering at Monash University. She received her doctoral degree from
University of Canberra. While doing her doctoral study, she was appointed the International
Student Ambassador for the Australian Capital Territory Government for a
duration of a year. She was also a research assistant at the University of
Canberra where she co-authored a paper presented at Australasian Conference on
Information Systems 2012.

Her research interests lie primarily
in the area of artificial intelligence, i.e., fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm
and multi-objective optimization (MOO). She explores how the MOO can be applied
to solve engineering problems, presenting a set of possible solutions to
satisfy several, sometimes conflicting, objectives simultaneously. 

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