Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory

Mechatronics is a technology or engineering that combines technology about machinery, electronics, and informatics to design, manufacture, operate, and maintain systems to achieve the mandated goals.

Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture, and application of robots. Robotics is related to the science of electronics, machines, mechanics, and computer software.

The Mechatronics and Robotics Lab is one of the facilities that is usually used to carry out practicum in designing electronic parts of the machine.

Control System and Instrumentation Laboratory

Systems Laboratory Control and Instrumentation Systems Laboratory is a laboratory that supports research in Control and Instrumentation expertise specifically in the industrial sector. 

The focus of research in this lab is scientific development in computer-based industrial Control and Instrumentation such as DCS (Distributed Control System) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). 

Therefore, in general, the facilities contained in this lab are closely related to the application of technology in the process industry and the manufacturing industry today.

Telecommunication Laboratory

The Telecommunication Laboratory is a facility provided by the campus to students, one of which is the Electronic Engineering Education study program which covers various scientific fields such as Electrical, Programming Languages, Computer & Networking, Network Security, Digital Signal Processing, Optical Fiber, Transmission & Switching, Physics, Control & Automation, and VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal).

This laboratory is used as a support for students to conduct lectures such as practicum and training.

Basic Electronic, Digital & Audio Video Laboratory

Basic Electronics, Digital & Audio Video Laboratory is one of the facilities provided to support student learning activities and as a place of research by students and lecturers on digital electronics.

Microteaching Laboratory

The Microteaching laboratory is a teaching simulation room for students. There is a monitoring room and a teaching practice room. From within the monitoring room, the lecturer or supervisor can control and evaluate the course of teaching practice. 

This laboratory is provided by the university for students before doing the Teaching Work Practice.