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Rafiuddin Syam – Pendidikan Teknik Elektronika

Rafiuddin Syam, ST, M.Eng, Ph.D



NIDN : 0030037203

ID SINTA : 6785958

ID SCOPUS : 57205022961

ORCID : 0000-0003-3673-9934

GOOGLE SCHOOLAR : Rafiuddin Syam


Rafiuddin Syam., S.T, M.Eng, Ph.D. is a lecturer in electronic engineering. Graduated from Universitas Hasanuddin and continued his Master’s degree at Saga University, Japan, and a Doctoral Degree at Saga University, Japan. He is a lecturer who has expertise in the fields of Medical Engineering, Control and Robotics, Smart Electrical Vehicle, Early Warning systems for Disaster, Disaster Engineering, and Smart System. 

For complete CV information, please see here.