The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Jakarta (FT UNJ) held a two-day briefing for the finalists of the FT UNJ ambassadors. The event will occur on Monday and Tuesday, September 5-6, 2022, at Building L, 3rd floor, Faculty of Engineering. This was followed by a deep interview and talent show on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at the Latief Hall UNJ. 20 selected finalists took part in debriefing, deep interviews, and talent shows. This event is the first time for the Faculty of Engineering.

The briefing that was held for two days contained the introduction of the FT Ambassador by Sri Listiani, S.Pd M.Ds. Followed by grooming material presented by Titin Supiani, S.Pd M.Pd, and protocol by the 2019 UNJ Ambassador, Sagita Bunga. For the second day of debriefing, the finalists for the FT UNJ ambassador were given table manners, hospitality, and manners by North Jakarta’s 2020 brother, Aldio Deon Ariesta. Followed by the material sense of beauty and fashion by Vera Utami Gede Putri, S.Pd M.Ds and public speaking by Dr Inf Sc Aodah Diamah. The briefing was carried out to increase the knowledge of the finalists of the FT UNJ ambassadors.

Deep interviews were conducted to test the material for the debriefing that the finalists had done for two days. The judges presented in the deep interview were Titin Supiani S.Pd M.Pd, Sagita Bunga, and Aldio Deon Ariesta. Then the finalists showed their talents.

After the judges saw and assessed the talented performances displayed by the FT UNJ ambassadors, the top 6 finalists for the FT UNJ ambassadors with the highest scores were selected as talented FT ambassador candidates. The following are the results of the finalist talent show for the FT UNJ 2022 ambassadors:

  1. Karin Pratiwi (Family Welfare Education)
  2. Dinda Ruby Dayana (Fashion Education)
  3. Tia Rizka Aulia (Fashion Design)
  4. Mochammad Fajr Dzakwan Muqafillah (Mechanical Engineering)
  5. Farhan Khoirullah (Fire Safety Engineering)
  6. Aisyah Wulandari (Family Welfare Education)

The final night of the Faculty of Engineering ambassadors selection will occur on Friday, September 9, 2022, from 19.00-22.00 WIB at the Bung Hatta Hall.