Study Plan Card (SPC)

Fill out the Study Plan Card (SPC)


  1. Academic advisory lecturers gather their mentored students to discuss the courses to be taken,
  2. Students fill out the courses to be taken on the KRS manual form and return it to the academic advisory lecturer for signature,
  3. Students input the courses to be taken to the student’s SIAKAD,
  4. Academic advisory lecturers validate courses at the lecturer’s SIAKAD,
  5. Students attend lectures.


Repairing the Study Plan Card (SPC) that has passed the SPC opening schedule


  1. The student applies to SPC repair to the study coordinator;
  2. Coordinator of the study program makes a cover letter addressed to the Vice-Chancellor 1 by knowing the Deputy Dean 1, a copy of the Head of ICT Technical Service Unit;
  3. If Vice-Chancellor 1 approves the student’s application letter, then the letter will be disposed to ICT Technical Service Unit for follow-up;
  4. The Head of ICT Technical Service Unit receives a letter that Vice-Chancellor 1 has approved and asks the staff to follow up on the application letter,
  5. Students receive the results of the SPC improvement on the student’s SIAKAD.