Universities have a huge role in nation-building. By transforming human resources, science and technology, and social functions, universities occupy a strategic position in changing society. The rapid development of society in various aspects of life impacts the necessities of life, development, and globalization, which demands a systematic solution. Therefore, universities are required to play an active role in overcoming the problems. Furthermore, by developing science and technology from research results, universities are expected to understand and solve actual problems by developing community needs and nation-building.

In line with the vision of the Faculty of Engineering UNJ, which is to become a national center of excellence in the field of vocational technology and engineering education with an entrepreneurial perspective by fostering and developing science and technology, advancing, and developing high-quality academic people, conducting research and community service, fostering and developing an entrepreneurial culture, as well as fostering and developing educational partnerships. The results of the study and evaluation of the research of the Faculty of Engineering gave birth to research policies focused on research in the fields of Education and Non-Education, which develop into 6 (six) leading areas of research, namely:

  1. Educational Technology
  2. Vocational education (Vocational)
  3. Science and technology
  4. Social humanities, arts and culture, and creative economy
  5. Food Technology, Health, and Nutrition
  6. Environment and disaster management

Every year lecturers at the Faculty of Engineering UNJ conduct research using grant funds from faculties and universities. The research categorizes through several schemes in the last three years, such as the data shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Number of Research Based on Research Scheme