The vision of the BEE Study Program is to become an institution that produces graduates of BEE who are reputable, professional, superior, devoted, nationalistic, with global insight and entrepreneurial spirit in synergy with non-BEE fields.



  1. Organizing Building Engineering Education to produce graduates who are professional, superior, devoted, have a national spirit, and have a global perspective and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Conducting basic and applied research in the field of building engineering education to develop science and technology.
  3. Organizing community service activities in the field of technology education in an effort to empower and increase the active role of the community.
  4. Fostering and developing mutually beneficial cooperation and collaboration between educational institutions and industry at the national level.


Program Education Objective (PEO):

The objectives of the Building Engineering Education (BEE) study program are based on the KKNI (Indonesian National Qualification Framework), tracer study results, and input from users. BEE Study Program aims to produce graduates who are:

  1. Using professional, pedagogical, social and personality competences in applying technical and managerial skills in planning, implementing, and evaluating learning theory and practice in the field of building engineering education.
  2. Initiated an active program of life-long learning, including studies leading to professional licensure or an advanced degree in building engineering education, that provides for continued development of their technical abilities and management skills, and attainment of professional expertise.
  3. Developed their communication skills in oral, written, visual and graphic modes when working as team members or leaders, so they can actively participate in their communities and their profession in the field of building engineering education.
  4. Established an understanding of professionalism, ethics, quality performance, and sustainability that allows them to be professional leaders and contributors to society, and produce solutions to problems in the field of BEE.


Profile of Graduates:

Vocational School Teachers : Able to teach and develop learning in Vocational School in the field of building engineering education
School Education Staff : Able to organize education management in Vocational School
Trainers : Able to provide training in the field of building engineering education
Engineering Staff : Able to document project data in an organized manner
Estimator : Able to Prepare Budget Plan and Implementation Budget Plan
Drafter : Able to design shop drawings, both 2D and 3D drawings, and adjust the planner’s drawings to actual conditions in the field
Technical Support : Able to present building component products well
Supervisors : Able to supervise the implementation of construction work in terms of quality and quantity



Program Learning Outcomes (PLO):

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) of The Undergraduate Program in BEE as follow:

  1. Able to apply the discipline of pedagogy specifically through the planning, implementing, and evaluating learning programs in building engineering education.
  2. Able to apply basic and applied research through the implementation of relevant theory-based analysis approach in the field of building engineering education teaching
  3. Able to demonstrate an attitude as a professional, ethical educator, nationalist, and piety to God the Almighty.
  4. Able to apply basic science that supports personal expertise in the field of building engineering education.
  5. Able to self-develop by practicing lifelong lerarning in the field of building engineering education.
  6. Able to solve building engineering problems to support the learning process by keeping the planning based on the latest science and technology.
  7. Able to carry out building engineering practices in laboratories and workshops by applying the standards set in vocational education of building engineering education.
  8. Able to communicate orally and in writing comprehension and to be communicative in building engineering education



The graduates of the (BEE) study program earn a degree in Bachelor of Education (S.Pd) which is in equivalence to the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed).