Whistleblowing System (WBS)

If you see or know of suspected misbehavior/abuse of authority or other problems committed by employees within the Faculty of Engineering UNJ. Please report to the WBS Directorate General of Higher Education KEMENDIKBUDRISTEK. If your report meets the WBS requirements/criteria, it will be processed further.


Whistleblower“A person who reports an alleged act of corruption that occurred within the organization where he works, or other related parties who have access to adequate information on the occurrence of the alleged corruption.


Your complaint will be easily followed up if it meets the following criteria::

5W + 1 H

  • What         : There were irregularities in the reported cases/events that occurred
  • Where       : Explains where
  • When        : When did the case take place
  • Who          : Who is the official/employee who did or was involved
  • Why           : Why did the storage occur
  • How          : How is the deed done

Equipped with preliminary evidence (data, documents, pictures and recordings) that support/explain any alleged irregularities/abuse of authority or other problems.

Whistleblower Confidentiality

The Directorate General of Higher Education Kemdikbudristek will keep the identity of the reporter confidential. Reports can be submitted under a pseudonym/alias and prevent others from knowing your username and password. Please make a report at the following link!