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Jusuf Bintoro – Pendidikan Teknik Elektronika

Drs. Jusuf Bintoro, MT.



NIDN : 0008016106

ID SINTA : 6683498

ID SCOPUS : 57205022961

ORCID : 0000-0002-8380-5589

GOOGLE SCHOLAR : Jusuf Bintoro


Drs. Jusuf Bintoro, MT. is a lecturer in electronic engineering. Graduated from IKIP Jakarta and continued his Master’s degree at Universitas Gajah Mada. He is a lecturer who has expertise in the field of Control Robotics. His research are also around his expertise in the realm of control robotics, like the holocaust of pollution caused by industrial factory and vehicles, building an infrastructure model for agricultural information networks through the internet, and natural language design and implementation for PLC programming. 

For complete CV information, please see here.