Mitigation Book Usermanual



Disaster mitigation is a step that really needs to be done as a main starting point of disaster management. In accordance with its main objective, namely reducing and/or eliminating victims and losses that may arise, emphasis needs to be given to the pre-disaster stage, which is primarily taming/damaging activities or known as Mitigation. Mitigation in principle must be carried out for all types of disasters, both those included in natural disasters and disasters as a result of human actions (man-made disasters).


The ultimate goals of Disaster Mitigation are as follows:

1. Reducing the risk/impact caused by disasters, especially for the population, such as loss of life (death), economic losses (economic costs) and damage to natural resources.
2. As a basis (guideline) for development planning.
3. Increasing public knowledge (public awareness) in dealing with and reducing the impact/risk of disasters, so that people can live and work safely.