System and Information Technology

System and Information Technology Study Programme

The Information Systems & Technology Study Program produces graduates who become enablers with the skills qualified as Application & Device Developer, Network Specialist, Data Scientist, and IT Consultant. With support religious and entrepreneurial values, graduates are expected to become qualified individuals who are ready to become leaders and lifelong learners.




1. Application & Device Developer

Application and device developers capable of implementing/integrating smart systems and embedded systems with mobile or web applications to solve IoT problems

2. Network Specialist


Network specialist who is able to implement and integrate computer networks, communication resources, and mobile computing to support the implementation of intelligent systems, cloud computing, mobile or web applications on IoT

3. Data Scientist

Data scientists who are able to integrate database management systems and artificial intelligence to solve data problems in the field of information management that support intelligent systems on IoT

4. IT Consultant

IT consultants who are able to analyze and integrate information technology resources to provide solutions to business problems by integrating IoT and commerce applications