The Engineering Faculty of Univeristas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) is committed to building an Integrity Zone towards a Corruption-Free Area and a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Region. Declaring of the construction Engineering Faculty Integrity Zone was carried out by the Rector and Director General of DIKTI Kemdikbud on December 21, 2021 and appointed the Engineering Faculty as a Strategic Work Unit based on the Rector’s Decree. The following is the documentation for the Establishment of the FT UNJ Integrity Zone.


Change Area

Engineering Faculty of UNJ is committed to carrying out management, structuring, strengthening, and improving in six areas of change, namely Change Management, Management Administration, HR Management System Arrangement, Strengthening Accountability, Strengthening Supervision, and Increasing the Quality of Public Services through the application of values:


The construction of Integrity Zones in the six areas of change is narrated and strengthened with supporting evidence through the Evaluation Worksheet, which can be traced in detail to the following six changes and their manager.