Judiciary Filing Services

Judiciary Filing

  1. Graduated students are directed to download files on the website of the Faculty of Engineering http://ft.unj.ac.id;
  2. Select the administration service menu – click Procedure for judiciary and graduation of the Faculty of Engineering;
  3. Download the file for judiciary and graduation at point 1;
  4. Fill out the Minutes of Completion of Undergraduate/Diploma Student Studies form, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, which has been provided by attaching:
    1. Enrolled in the current semester
    2. Pass the Thesis Examination/Final/Comprehensive/Innovative Works
    3. Pre transcript (PA. Coordinator of Study Program/Deputy Dean 1)
    4. Minimum IPA 2.00
    5. Maximum 2 courses have a D value
    6. Free to borrow library books
    7. Free borrowing of costume and laboratory equipment in the department