Activity Proposal, and Fund Submission

A. PKM Proposal Submission, Activity Proposal, and Fund Submission

  1. Proposal Program Kreativitas (PKM) at Faculty level
  2. WD III obtained information about the Information About Student Creativity Program (PKM) program from WR3
  3. PKM socialization
  4. PKM proposal writing/paper training
  5. Guidance on making proposals / PKM papers (proposal clinics)
  6. Consultation with Supervisor
  7. Submission of proposals approved by the Advisory Lecturer and Study Program coordinator to WD III
  8. Establishment of a faculty-level PKM proposal reviewer team
  9. Determination of the Reviewer List according to the field of study or the area of PKM
  10. Review Process By Faculty Level Internal Reviewer
  11. Reporting the results of the review to WD III
  12. Selection to determine the pass of the proposal to the next stage
  13. Submitting Proposals / Papers to DP2M DIKTI Through WR III
  14. If you pass the University Level Selection, guidance will be provided
  15. Pass PIMNAS

B. Activity Proposal and Disbursement of Opmawa/Ormawa Activity Funds

  1. Students submit activity proposals that have been signed by the Study Program Coordinator, Advisory Lecturer, and Head of Activity Executors and request for activity funding assistance via student email/WhatsApp to be signed by Deputy Dean 3 (WD3)
  2. Approval of activity proposals by WD III
  3. Approval for disbursement of funds by WD II
  4. Disbursement of funds
  5. Implementation of activities
  6. Monitoring activities