Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) held the Grand Final night for the 2022 Faculty of Engineering Ambassador Selection. The event occurred on Friday (9/9/2022) in the Bung Hatta Building Hall. Twenty selected finalists took part in this grand final night.

On the night of the grand final, the 20 finalists were reduced to the top 12, the top 6 and the top 3. These results are based on a series of selection processes that have been ongoing since last August, such as physical tests, FGDs, written tests, interviews, briefings, and talent shows. The judges on the grand final night were Titin Supiani, S.Pd., M.Pd, Dr Inf Sc Aodah Diamah, Aldio Deon Ariesta, and Vera Utami Gede Putri, S.Pd., M.Ds.

In his speech, Dr. Uswatun Hasanah, M.Si the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said that tonight was a special night because for the first time, there was an election for the Ambassador of the Faculty of Engineering. It is hoped that these ambassadors will be able to make a real contribution and carry out their duties well.

After the remarks from the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, the event continued with the opening number and a question and answered session by all finalists. The question and answer session assessment was considered in determining the top 6 and top 3.

Following are the results of the Grand Final for the Selection of Ambassadors for the Faculty of Engineering, UNJ 2022

Selected Faculty of Engineering Ambassador Farhan Khoirullah (S1 Fire Safety Engineering)

Aisyah Wulandari (S1 Family Welfare Education)

Deputy 1 Ambassador of Faculty of Engineering M. Fajr Dzakwan Muqafillah (S1 Mechanical Engineering)

Salsabila Ramadhani (STr Building Construction Engineering Technology)

Deputy 2 Ambassadors of Faculty of Engineering Aditya Nizar Farras (STr Building Construction Engineering Technology)

Dinda Rubi Dayana (S1 Fashion Design Education)

Talented Ambassador Fikry Nur Septa (STr Automation Engineering Technology)

Karin Pratiwi (S1 Family Welfare Education)

Favourite Ambassador Ikram Maulana Firdaus (STr Port Management and Maritime Logistics)

Sahila (S1 Culinary Education)

Friendship Ambassador Muhamad Sahrul Romadhon (STr Automation Engineering Technology)

Tiara Nur Anggraini (STr Port Management and Maritime Logistics)